Key on leaves
A standard silver key.

If you have had a property for a long time and have not changed the locks and doors since moving in, you might not be meeting all the regulatory requirements to home security. As with a lot of different products, old designs are not up to the same standard as modern designs and the same applies to locks. Locks made a long time ago were not made by the same high quality material as locks produced today due to advances in technology. Our team is equipped with the latest knowledge and have the skills and tools to give guidance to customers on the latest locks ans are able replace their old ones.

Our teams have undertaken specialist training in this field and have expert market-leading knowledge. If you think your property may be in need of an update call us today to find out how we can help you.

The case with some of the old locks such as standard lock cylinders is that they are made of a more brittle and less developed material and are more prone to being snapped. The technique of snapping locks is a common way of breaking and entering a property as these old locks give way to these techniques, it would be advisable to update them to our modern locks which are made with anti-snap techniques to prevent these situations from taking place.

Our locks are developed to a high standard and comply with all current security requirements ensuring you receive the best level of security when choosing Emergency Local Locksmiths.