key on leather background
A standard silver key on a leather background.

Locksmiths are called out for a variety of jobs on a wide range of different property types and our tradesmen are able to conduct every job to the highest standard no matter how big or small.

A regular request we receive at Emergency Locksmiths is to assist customers who have been locked out of their own property. This happens more than you may think and is a common mistake to make. Lets say you come home after having a couple of drinks and seem to have misplaced your keys with no idea where they could be or simply dropped them whilst out shopping leaving you stuck outside your property exposed to the cold and wet UK weather. Our team is able to arrive at a customers site within 30 minutes and efficiently replace the locks to ensure you are able to get back into your property in a timely manner with little fuss or damage.

Our team also respond to regular burglar break-ins within personal homes where in this case the door and lock may be broken or snapped and we are able to replace both the customers door and lock within the same day with the large amount of tools with carry with us to each site. This enables the customer to sleep well that night knowing their home is now fully secure after using our services and that any future attempts will now be much more difficult.